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Aspergers Syndrome – an autistic type of neurodiversity

What to you think of when hearing the word autism? How about truthful, knowledgeable, intelligent, just and skilled? not words you would normally link to a disorder. Click above to read more.

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A realisation – or: The reason why others don’t understand that I am autistic

I just had a realisation: the reason why so many people just cannot wrap their head around the fact that I am autistic, is that my traits only very rarely give others trouble - the one who suffers the most... Continue Reading →

Reblog: “Give in to the stim” This blog post by LadyAnanas is a beautiful testimony to the joy and comforts of stimming, and also highlights the fact that stimming is ubiquitous - it is just that autistic (neurodiverse even) stimming can sometimes look strange to... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding the confidence in myself

Since I graduated from University in April last year, a lot of interesting stuff has happened. However - this has also been a time with many changes, and those can be tough to handle. The most difficult change has been... Continue Reading →

On the Spectrum

This is nice:

Reblog: Are we REALLY that inflexible?

Read this great post from Lady Ananas about how the autie must bend and contort to fit the mold of "normal" every day. Reading it certainly clarified this daily struggle for me. NOVEMBER 20, 2017 ~ LADYANANAS Less than a fortnight... Continue Reading →

The essentials

I recently read this blog post by anonymouslyautistic and feeling inspired, I thought I would try to list out what my 'toolkit' holds. I call them the 'essentials', and they are things I carry with me pretty much everywhere (and... Continue Reading →

What exactly happens when my brain seems to stop functioning properly?

I seem to forget every time it is over - what was the problem? It really confuses me. Why did I just have a meltdown? Why did I have to sit rocking on the floor crying, not really knowing why?... Continue Reading →

On ‘symptoms’

This is an excellent post which discusses first some outward symptoms of autism, and then goes on to explaining the inner experience behind them. It also takes into view how some behaviors may not be ‘manifestations of autism’ as such, but perhaps mainly influenced by earlier life experiences.

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

A while back, I wrote a rather lengthy post about social interaction, empathy, and so on, and how (in my opinion), every little bit of behaviour we see in front of us comes down to how someone processes information. I’m still banging on about this, because I still get repeatedly fed up with people – although mainly I’m talking about neurotypical ‘experts’ and the mainstream media, here – conflating autistic people’s observable behaviour with the ‘symptoms’ of their condition. Actually, no, it’s worse than that – conflating autistic people with the observable behaviour that is the outward manifestation of ‘symptoms’ of their condition.

(Pedant, moi?)

Last week, reports were published about a study into how “super parenting” can help autistic children. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the study itself here; nor am I going to have too much of the moan about…

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“But you seem so… normal!”

There is a thing that has been nagging me for quite a while. It has to do with knowing one's own autism, and in what ways it really shows for oneself. I expect (from talking to, and reading other auties'* blog... Continue Reading →

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