On September 20th this year, a new entry was posted on Spectrum News describing recent research that goes into careful detail with interviews of aspie women, in order to better understand their ways of tackling an alien world (as that is how it often feels when you are an aspie in an NT (neurotypical) world).

I applaud the researchers for taking this approach to understanding autistic females. Many of us struggle in our lives, and have trouble communicating these struggles to our friends and family, from whom we often seek help and understanding. Not being able to do so, will typically leave us frustrated and drained of any energy or motivation to try again (even with other people who might or might not understand).

Having others put these muted experiences into words is like being given a voice after a life of failed attempts of speaking. It is a freeing experience.

The entry from Spectrum News can be read by following the link just below: https://spectrumnews.org/opinion/viewpoint/women-autism-hide-complex-struggles-behind-masks/

The academic article is freely available (thank you!) and can be found here:  http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10803-016-2872-8